International Exhibition InterFood&Drink 2015
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The International Exhibition InterFood&Drink 2015 will take place between the 11th and 14th of November in InterExpo Center Sofia. 

During the days of the exhibiton, our Industry Union will have an information desk in Hall 3. As part of the exhibiton program, the Union of the Processors of Fruit and Vegetables will organize a Tasting for Children under the moto "Healthy and Strong Children" on Thursday, 12th of November, from 11:00h until 13:00h in Hall 3. The tasting for children is part of the Union's program to educate the consumers. Its purpose is to introduce and promote the quality of the Bulgarican processed fruits and vegetables among the young people and children. They are the future consumers and it is important for them to be able to make an educated choice. 

It is the Union's goal to make an interesting presentaion and tasting of children's "lutenitsa", jams and fruit juices, produced by members of the union, with many gifts and surprises. A professional animator will entartain the children and their parents, as well as give useful information about the processed fruits and vegetables, such as production and storage, information on the labels, and the variety of products that can diversify our menu in a healthy and delicious way.