Company History


Bulgaria has a tradition of many years in the processing and export of canned foods throughout the world. Bulgarian production is very well known and accepted in Russia. Thus an idea appeared to create a Bulgarian enterprise on Russian territory, which goal was to supply the local market with the goods in demand, avoiding the big transportation expenditures and protective customs duties.

Bulgarconserv07 Ltd was incorporated in 2007 in Bulgaria. A completely new enterprise for the processing of fruits and vegetables was established in South-Eastern Bulgaria next to the village of Rupite, the Municipality of Petrich. The enterprise commenced work in the spring of 2008 being specialized in the processing of seasonal fruits and vegetables predominantly for export in Europe and Russia. The factory, which was built in Bulgaria, aimed at satisfying the demand of canned seasonal fruits that may be processed solely in the proximity of orchards.

In 2012 the Company was renamed to Bulgarconserv Rupite Ltd.