Social responsibility

Bulgarconserv Rupite Ltd is one of the big employers within the region of the town of Petrich and actively engages with local people and the community.

The commitment to our employees consists of permanent financing of trainings and qualifications, provision of equal possibilities for everyone and chances for corporate promotion. We are proud of the fact that women occupying leading and managerial positions (over 60% of the managerial personnel) predominate in the company. A great number of young people leaving school or graduating from the university also work with us. 

We provide our employees with safe and modern working and recreation conditions. We offer support with family planning, health or financial problems. 

We work in close cooperation with our branch organization, the Union of the Processors of Fruit and Vegetables and with the University of Food Technology in the town of Plovdiv, by getting involved with Days of Open Doors and offering paid internships for students. 

The company is commited to the community. Further to the direct contact and feedback from our employees, we also maintain good connections with the Mayors of the surrounding populated areas. In this manner we may pay attention to the needs and shortages of the people in the community. Some of the activities which we got engaged with in the course of the years are as follows:

We sponsor the football team of the village of Rupite

Union of the Processors of Fruit and Vegetables: 

University of Food Technology